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Hummus is the perfect food for Austin with its healthy and active lifestyle. It is fresh and invigorating on hot summer days, hearty and filling on the cold days of winter. Eat hummus outdoors or indoors, with friends and family or without. It's for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and carnivores alike; it's the ultimate plate for everyone!

I decided to turn to my Turkish roots and Israeli origin, so that I could bring to  Austin the exciting, bold, fun, healthy and versatile flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean.  I want  Austinites to start enjoying Hummus the way it's meant to be enjoyed!


Even though Hummus Among Us mainly serves hummus dishes, we will, on a regular basis, introduce you to new and mouthwatering street foods from Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, and Serbia, as we will have rotating specials on the menu featuring local seasonal products.   Our menu will grow and expand gradually, as our operation permits, without compromising our standards and consistency.


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I've been cooking professionally for the past 20 years, in Israel, Spain, and NYC- where I spent 15 years in some of the most well-known restaurants and now - here in Austin.